Harmet Building


The principal field of activity of Harmet Modular Building (HMB) is the erection of modular houses and the performance of the accompanying construction works as the so-called a turnkey solution.

During our five years of activity, we have installed more than 5,000 modules, and built more than 3,000 move-in ready homes in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, and Great Britain. We are experienced in constructing apartment buildings, schools and hotels, as well as community buildings. The company employs more than 50 specialists.

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Clients and Areas of Operation

We are prepared to offer our services to all house factories; our largest clients are Harmet, BoKlok, Skanska and Adapteo.
To operate in construction in the Nordics, the HMB team has the necessary qualifications and training certificates necessary to work in these countries.

We have collective agreements with Danish and Swedish trade unions.